By Kurt Haynes - Novato, CA

"Desire" and "Give me Tonight" are well thought out with good lyrics, music and song that made me want more. On the flip side, I thought both "Highway Song" & "Be Mine" were shallow especially in the lyrics and message department. The message was weak, self-minded and didn't fit with all of the other songs that seemed to be much deeper and had a message from the soul.

The rest of the CD was good. The two standouts in my opinion, that REALLY moved me, were as follows:
"Disillusioned" was very strong in music, lyrics and vocals. This song is deep and well thought out - wow!

"Early Morning" - this is a lighter hearted feel good song and although much different than the rest of the CD, I enjoyed it immensely right down to the "yea ha" at the end (and I'm not even a good ol' boy). In fact a little violin might make this into a rock hit with country flare - very popular these days.

Unlike many bands on CD, you definitely sound as good IF NOT BETTER live (now that's saying something!). I hope to bring a few friends and catch your band again soon!