Reviewed by Lynn Gallagher - Pacifica, CA

First of all, I want to say that I’ve played this CD to death since I got it. The band made excellent choices of tunes to include on the CD; it contains lots of the “Wait! Turn that up!” variety. The songs presented do an excellent job of displaying the instrumental, vocal, and lyrical artistry of this driving rock group. The disc is very well done, with engaging lyrics, truly expert production, and smoking instrumental work from all.

Society’s Child gives you great, straightforward rock and roll on the disc, with the requisite lead, bass and rhythm guitars, drums, and some keyboard. The CD introduces Mary Letchworth as a lead guitarist par excellence; she does some really mean licks. On bass and rhythm guitars respectively, Steve Langston and Mark Randall do a great job of backing her up and carrying the mood of the songs. Tess Jackson is the drummer, and she keeps the pulse pounding with expertise. The group’s music is generally passionate and dark, but the disc includes a range of moods and musical styles. Mary and Tess do most of the vocals. Mary’s singing has a wide gut-grabbing emotional range, from soft and vulnerable to throaty and passionate. Tess has a smooth alto voice that really sizzles. Most of the love songs on the disc are not gender-specific, broadening their appeal.

A summary of my favorite songs is presented below. Sorry there are so many of them, but it’s that kind of disc.

No Mystery
A smoking lead guitar, and snappy rhythm drive the melody for this song. It has a dramatic opening; a detached, hollow voice segues into one of angry refutation from a woman done wrong. Catchy, angry lyrics delivered by Tess’ bourbon-smooth, alto voice.

Nothing (But a Fool)
This rocking song has a strong driving rhythm; with excellent rhythm guitar on the refrain. The clever, suggestive lyrics convey that simple seduction is not so simple. Mary’s singing is very expressive; her light, toying voice becomes alternately deep and seductive, then throaty and bitter as the tale is told.

Highway Song
Wailing lead guitar with some clever lead guitar licks (listen for the police siren) and rocking drums. Fun, Beach Boys style driving song of the Hot Rod Lincoln genre, lyrics delivered by Steve with a hammering rhythm. A good-times song you find yourself singing along with.

A very expressive lead guitar solo is backed by sweet chord strumming on the rhythm guitar, and walking bass on the refrain. This moving, bluesy song about a love on its way out, is alternately mournful, pleading, and angry. The song shows Mary’s vocal range very well: soft, sad and lyrical to powerful, throaty and raw.

No Time for Love
A rocking song carried well by thundering bass and heart-pounding drumming. The song delivers sophisticated lyrics about the deadly staleness that can creep into an honestly passionate relationship; an unusual theme well done. Mary’s delivery is earthy and direct.

This song is carried well by pulse-pounding drums and bass/rhythm guitars. Smoking lead guitar solo adds to the heat. This is a really hot song, which Tess puts to the torch with finesse. The lyrics convey passion barely controlled, pleading for release. Did I say this song was hot?

The rhythm guitar carries the somewhat mystical feel of this song. The title says it all; you led me on, you shit! The subtle lyrics tell of love gone terribly wrong. Mary recounts the deception with a deep, mournful voice that works up to throaty rage.

Give Me Tonight
Mary’s wonderfully expressive guitar starts by offering a call-and-response voice of sympathy, then begins to wail in the reflected pain of the lyrics. The song is a powerful tale of threatened love. Mary opens the song with her voice soft, sweet and vulnerable, then bleeds into a powerful, pleading promise. A very moving and expressive song, well done.

Dead Horses
The song opens with wailing, otherworldly sounds from the drummer and guitars. Rhythm guitar minor chords carry this slightly insane feel throughout the song. This song about a passionate, yet distorted relationship reaches into your gut, and Mary’s expressive delivery draws you into it.

The Dream
The song opens with the sound of a night wind and the rhythm guitar dreamily stroking minor chords. A slow-burning lead guitar solo carries the passionate, other-worldly quality of this seductive song. Tess gives a smooth, beguiling delivery of this song about a sizzling fantasy encounter with a longed-for lover.