By Scott Voyles - Kenosha, WI

If you're looking for music that is full of boy meets girl and all ends well, then maybe you should look at some other bands. However, if you want to hear some good rock & roll that is balanced out with some haunting lyrics then this is the album. It starts off with a song called "No Mystery" which has strong guitar licks backed up by lyrics that introduce us to Tess, one of the three singers in this band. She has a nice deeper voice that is really complimented by the backup vocals. The lyrics are crisp and to the point - not silly and mushy like so many other bands, yet slightly on the depressing side. But that's what makes the music so great; it’s all about relationships gone sour (so many of us have experienced this). She really strikes a point with "Desire", a song about...well, you can figure it out.

The second song introduces Mary, who has a vocal range that is at times like Janis Joplin and is at other times so smooth it makes calm water seem choppy. In the song "Cry", she really shows off her range. Talk about some haunting lyrics that stick with you! The two songs “Give me Tonight” and “Dead Horses” will really make you take stock of yourself.

In addition to Mary, there is also Steve who plays bass and sings. His song "Highway Song " is a great tune with some really sweet licks off the guitar by Mary, plus some really good down-to-earth lyrics about a man trying to see his girl and the crap that gets in his way. I really enjoyed that song as it is upbeat and humorous. His other song "Be Mine" is another refreshing insight into man meets woman and they have a good time without complications.

The whole album is very structured and balanced with an extremely nice mix of music and songs. I give this album my highest rating: Scotty's Two Thumbs Up! This whole album is so awesome that I am pestering the radio station here in Kenosha to air it. Time will tell.