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TEMPTING FATE - Release Date: 9.16.00

TEMPTING FATE is our first full length album. The CD started out as a 6 song "EP". We recorded 6 songs at CRI Studios in San Francisco in late '98 and rough mixed 2 of them. Couldn't find a decent engineer, so the project sat. No money, so we worked a lot of long cover gigs to earn it. We decided to make it full length and recorded 6 more songs at Walford Studio in Cotati. Through Mark Randall (rhythm guitar, Nov. '96-Jan. '02), we hooked up with David Freiberg @ Free Mountain Studios to mix/produce. What a blessing we found in David! His wife Linda Imperial was a great source of positive energy for us as well!

This CD gave us lots of opportunity to really expand on backing vocals and additional instrumentation like keyboards to layer the sound and capture the mood. Unfortunately, a live show doesn't always allow us to do everything we'd like. The songs span a 13-year period highlighting us as individual songwriters coming together as one to bring the songs to life.

Music is very serious to all of us and we love what we do, but we also make sure we have fun. After all, if its not fun, what's the point? So, keep in mind our tongue-in-cheek attitude on songs like Early Morning.

The coming year should be an awesome one and we hope the CD will open new doors of opportunity! It means the most to us when our fans come out & support us - Thanks for the support we've received so far!

1. No Mystery
2. Nothing (but a fool)
3. Highway Song
4. Cry
5. No Time For Love
6. Desire
7. Disillusioned
8. Give Me Tonight
9. Be Mine
10. Early Morning
11. Dead Horses
12. The Dream

DISCLAIMER! We have been notified that two songs on the "Tempting Fate" CD (released in Sept. 2000) were not written by former bassist Steve Langston as published. 'Highway Song' and 'Be Mine' were allegedly written by Art Peterson. Our sincere apologies go to Mr. Peterson as he deserves full credit as author & owner of the copyrights.

Society's Child (including Tess Jackson, Mary Letchworth and Mark Randall) were mislead by Steve Langston. Mr. Langston fraudulently claimed he authored & owned the copyrights to 'Highway Song' and 'Be Mine' (aka: 'You Be Mine Tonight'). Art Peterson claims that he wrote these songs in the late 1970's and Mr. Peterson holds the copyrights to these songs (copyright year of 1984). Any legal action should be sought solely against Steve Langston and not against Society's Child or any of its members, past, present or future.

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